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Posted by lewdsoph - February 19th, 2020

Some of my stuff has unusually low scores with no feedback on it. If you feel the need to give something 1/5 stars please do explain what to do better next time. If there is no actual feedback on low scores in this community I'll just move my art elsewhere. Not like this website has any appeal except for it allowing nsfw work. c:


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That happens all the time, dont worry about it too much.
Just deleted my recent art cause the score was very low and I cant tell for sure if it was people downvotin wildly or if it actually sucked ass (both is possible).
I just gotta go for something people CANNOT NOT LIKE :D

I like the way you think, but art being subjective makes the scoring system on this website a bit of a mess. What looks amazing to someone looks like crap to someone else so most of the time things just don't work out. Prefer the simpler websites that just have a favorite/like/reblog option since that way you can see how many people liked it, rather than a mixture of approval and disapproval.

Lets see what we got here

I appreciate the effort. :)

@Ratcaller @lewdsoph I guess so, but that was its hard to tell if you are not being noticed or if your art isnt as good. Having that "bad" shit in life can really help you develop if its used right :3

Sure it can, but for art its not always helpful. You don't want to cater to the widest audience to gain the most approval. Why would you do art for approval? I'd rather do art to express myself, but with this voting system that also, afaik, auto-deletes under a threshold, its rather against the point of art.

@Ratcaller @lewdsoph @lewdsoph I meant it more like utilizing feedback from people. I mean yeah you should express yourself but... at least thats my case, I still need to be validated somehow.